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Rave (and raving mad) Reviews -- Including The New York Times Book Review

Suddenly Southern made the SEBA Bestsellers list the first week of sales

"A playful guide, Suddenly Southern gives tips and advice on everything including some advice for Presidential Candidate John Kerry. Says Duffin-Ward, 'I think Kerry can win in Dixie. All he has to do is find religion. Fast. Become a Baptist. And keep the faith. Especially on the stump.' "
Donna Williams Vance, The Philadelphia Daily News

"Author Maureen Duffin-Ward's new book is a welcome gift for North and South alike. The information is both practical and hysterical"
Mary-Kathryn Millner, Y'all Magazine

"One of the funniest takes on Southern
life I've ever read."
Faye Dasen, Features Editor, The Pilot

You be the Judge!

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