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Are You Southern? Take This Quiz and Find Out Now!

1. A mess of fish is
A. A Part of the Passover Meal
B. Enough for both of us
C. Dead catfish washed ashore
D. All of the above

2. What is cattywampus?
A. a direction
B. a person who gossips
C. a competitor to Wikipedia
D. a cat in heat

3. What is COWPIE?
A. cow manure
B. Country or Western People In Earnest
C. a chocolate marshmallow snack
D. an alternate source of energy

4. The first four words of the Southern national anthem are:
A. I pledge allegiance to
B. In God we trust
C. Gentlemen start your engines
D. My mama taught me...

5. Cheerwine is
A. a soda
B. a pop
C. a coke
D. the red wine at Trader Joe's

6. Why is fishin' such a popular pastime in the South?
A. It's easier than bridge
B. Cause spam ain't what it used to be
C. There's no fine for FUI (fishin' under the influence)
D. It's in their nature

7. What does a Southern belle do when she doesn't get her way?
A. pitch a hissie fit
B. throw a conniption
C. go to pieces
D. all of the above

8. Red Eye Gravy is
A. an all boy band
B. nickname for a hangover
C. served with breakfast
D. a Willie Nelson song

9. What did Margaret Mitchell originally name her famous heroine?
A. Scarlett O'Hara
B. Pansy O'Hara
C. Tara O'Hara
D. Maureen O'Hara

10. Who played Andy Griffith's son Opie?
A. Ronald Reagan
B. Ron Howard
C. Danny Bonaduce
D. Senator Jim Webb


If you got less than 5 right, you've never been south of New Jersey
If you got 5-8 right, you might live in the South, but not the "Real South."
If you got 9-10 right, you're Southern born and Southern bred, and when you die you'll be Southern dead.