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Suddenly Southern
A Yankee's Guide to Living in Dixie

From a Yankee who moved down South and lived to write about it—a playful, information-packed handbook that tells relocated Northerners everything they need to know about living in Dixie.

From Southern Tailgating to minding your BBQs, from what to bring to a funeral to what to make of the groom's cake, from how to know when you're fittin' in to knowing when you're not, this is the ideal guide for anyone moving, planning a move, or just plain ol’ curious if you can believe everything you read in Southern Living. With this book on your shelf, they’ll never be able to say “Yankee, go home” again.

Features include: a handy "Know Your Bugs By their Mugs" identification chart; mouth-watering, down-home recipes - and for history b(l)uffs—Your Pocket Guide to the Civil War. And definitely don't miss 100 Southern Things Worth the Trip. Worth the price of admission.

This book is for the hundreds of thousands of Yankees who haven't hit their stride yet. It will serve as a "been there done that" for the "Reformed Yankees" and "Honorary Southerners," once removed. And it should provide plenty of mileage for the natives who think the damn Yankees should just take I-95 North.

Author saying how we did it up North